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“Downside Up” The Latest Album


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Benhur is a Toronto-based rock band that draws inspiration from a variety of other genres. They have won several awards and nominations, including best New Toronto Indie artist. Their songs have aired on a number of mainstream and college radio stations, feature films, and commercials. 

For several years the band focused heavily on playing live shows, including notable festivals such as North By North East and Canadian Music Festival. Lately they have focused more on producing studio recordings. Their latest release is the self-produced album, "Downside Up", a record that was largely created by the frontman Ben. It is a personal and introspective record.

They are currently working on their next record, which will be much more collaborative than “Downside Up” and will feature the band’s heavy rock influences.


Ben Nissan

Matues Macedo

Danilo Baracho

Steve Frise

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